Loyalty Program Conditions

  • The Loyalty Program is organized by the franchise partner, Trimera Sports Hungary Ltd. (Address: 1075 Budapest, Madách I. u.13-14. B.)
  • The promotion is only for private customers above 18 YO, who own a loyalty card.
  • The program started at the 18th of April, 2018. and lasts until withdrawing. The withdrawing date depends on the Organizer.
  • Description of the loyalty program:
    • It starts with an application and with completing the application form online. It comes as a gift.
    • The card (which can be used online and offline) will be sent out in the first ordering package.
    • After releasing the card, the customer will be the Owner.
    • Owning a valid loyalt card, it can be also used for purchases on the sportmonkey.hu webstore. You just write „Huseg” (loyalty in HU) and give the bar code no. eg. Huseg12345678 on the last page closing your order.
    • With the registration to the Loyalty Club and signing the R&R the customer accepts the rules that can be found in all details in the Nike Budapest Stores and on our Facebook Page.
    • Our data handling replies to the official GDPR law.
    • The Loyalty Card is only valid for a certain person, and can’t be given to anyone else. It can be used both in the stores and on our webshop.
    • The Loyalty Card gives a fixed 5% discount, after 100.000 total purchase it raises to 7%. The Nike Budapest Stores gives all the details for using the card / and selects the products that are NOT part of the promotion. It is communicated on all the advertising materials.
    • If you wish not to get any eDM you can subsribe on the given link at the bottom of the eDM
    • Employes and relatives of the employes can not participate in the promotion.
    • The Nike Budapest Stores can close the promotion at any time with a 30 days deadline.

All details can be find in the Nike Budapest Stores and on our Facebook Page.